Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Corrections to Early Letterform

After taking the suggestions of my classmates from the critique, I went back in to work on the first and last designs. 

With the first design, I experimented with adding and subtracting rectangles from the composition. I tried taking away the two larger rectangles, but decided the left side looked empty without them. Still feeling like the left margin was a bit too crowded, I then decided to move the Psi symbol over just a few spaces to the right, and lower the stroke of the two rectangles.

With the last design, I worked on repositioning the paragraph of text. Someone suggested taking it away completely, which I tried but didn't like after I ran a print test. Again, my problem was a crowded left margin, so I tried playing with the spacing of the paragraph, and the leading of the text. After decreasing the leading, I finally decided on about a quarter of an inch on the top and left side of the paragraph.