Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final-My Sister's Keeper: Cover and Spreads

 I decided to stay with the ribbon cover-I feel like the design successfully communicates the tone of the novel. Because, there is a lot of type on the front cover, I wanted to keep the inside flaps fairly simple. I kept the same color palette, and added the author's biography/portrait on the back flap.

 Despite the fact that I felt like using the image of a gold locket on the front cover was a little romance-novely, I still really wanted to incorporate this symbol into Anna's spread. For Anna, I chose the sans-serif font Optima. Anna is the youngest character, but she is very serious and mature. Optima is a "humanist" sans-serif, meaning it has more stroke contrast than Helvetica, and I feel like this is very fitting to Anna's character.

Jesse, Anna's older brother, in the simplest of terms, is an angsty delinquent. He has often felt ignored by his parents, who focus their attention almost exclusively on Kate, and he acts out in part to gain their attention. I chose Futura for Jesse's spread, because the font has an appearance of forwardness. In designing Futura, Renner avoided the decorative, eliminating non-essential elements. Jesse has a very bold, no-nonsense attitude, that I felt could be illustrated by this typeface. Additionally, I used the matches in this spread, because in the first paragraph of Jesse's first narration he tells a story about lighting perfume on fire as a boy.

Campbell Alexander, Anna's lawyer, initially fits the stereotype of a typical business man-arrogant and stiff. However as the novel develops, Campbell reveals many different layers of  his character. I chose Times New Roman for Campbell, solely because I view the type face as very classic and scholarly. As long as I can remember, my papers and reports were required to by typed in Times New Roman. Nevertheless, I feel like it is an appropriate choice for a lawyer.

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